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Essentially Angelic


Aura Photography $60 per photo and color reading 
     Simply put, this aura camera uses a hand sensor to read the Aura of the client.  The camera creates a Polaroid picture which reflects the current state of the client's auric field.  Everyone has an aura. The human aura is the energy field that surrounds the physical body. It surrounds you in all directions. It is three dimensional. Everyone has experienced the auric fields of others. The problem is that most people ignore the experience or chalk it up to something that it is not.
     People from all parts of the world speak of seeing lights around people's heads. Anyone can learn to see and experience the aura more effectively. There is nothing magical about the process. It involves recognizing it for what it is and not ignoring the experience. It simply involves a little understanding, time, practice and perseverance.
     Consider that you can see hundreds of these aura pictures at all kinds of events, both main stream as well as spiritual.


Aura Party
For your aura spa party all you need is 10 people plus the facilitator at your preferred location.  The guests receive an aura photo and a color reading for $60 per person. Facilitator receives photo and consultation for free. To schedule, call Terri to set a date and there is a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold the date.